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The Process

I am a certified life coach with a focus on creativity, midlife, career change, grief and loss. As a Life Coach I am here to witness and aid with any of your life's  current cross roads, need for change or questions. ​

It takes courage my friends, courage all the time! and you know what else? Some support!!

That 's right! Support. We all need it at times. This  is why I am here. I'd like to provide you with all the support my experience can bring. 

t's time to create change!

Coaching sessions include:

  • Stating what is currently the issue - getting clarity on what is not working any longer.

  • Developing the vision of what change you would like to see in your life.

  • Breaking down any blocks or old stories that hold you back from achieving your dream/goals.

  • Exercises to help get clear and present so that you can get answers and build on your change/vision.

  • Mapping of the steps and timeline to get you where you would like to see yourself. 

  • A ton of support all along the way. 

I work either one on one, in groups or via workshops.

I know what it means to ride through change, go through major life changes, live with fear and I know how it can hold you back. 


If you need help, I'm here. 

Love, Carrie


*​If you are interested in having me speak at your conference, group, workshop or podcast, please reach out to me at

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