Do you find yourself trying so hard to go to sleep but you can't keep regrets and memories at bay? I do...often. Sometimes I even say "no" out loud thinking that will end the tide. For some reason this season, painful moments when I've been lonely are coming up. I keep saying "release", "release". What else can you do but let them go. There's nothing I can do about them now. I can't change those moments. It doesn't serve me to linger. I never want to go back there again. Lonely moments: 1. Sitting amongst my whole family and feeling so alone (odd gal out). 2. Lingering way too long in Ballard, drinking wine, in my 40s, unattached, way past my hay day. 3. Being at the Crocodile Café where I s

Creativity and Grief - Topics

Just listened to such a great interview with Elizabeth Gilbert on TED Talks daily podcast. Nov 22, 2018 episode. Go listen now if you need words on creativity and grief. It has been just what I needed. I have had these thoughts and so many answers were in this interview. CREATIVITY 1. My question: Why should I bother to write more music? - So many measurements of success for music are how many people come to your shows, how many likes your YouTube page/social media posts get, how many people buy your CDs or download, are all social media channels firing/constantly having to post and being followed, getting big tour/show invites and things are building bigger and more... What if I don't want

I am in the waiting

I know something is coming. I can feel it. I'm excited. I can see this future life that I would like to be immersed in, as apposed to just daydreaming about, but I am in the waiting... So while I'm here with no answers just yet, I am choosing to put my focus in appreciation. Things I appreciate now: 1. I love fall - it's inspiring to me - season of change 2. I have a job that is not hectic. 3. Work is super flexible. 4. The people here are great. 5. I love to roam the city on my commute to and from Seattle. 6. Our family is good. 7. Bills are paid. 8. Trips are possible. 9. Music is here and happening. 10. I have great friends. 11. I am cooking great food. 12. I am ok being here now. That's

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