A History of Writing - my other blog

Hey all, It's been a great few months of so much creativity that I realized I have a whole other blog!!! I'm looking to connect them to here but in the mean time, should you be interested, here is the link to my Wordpress blog! https://wordpress.com/posts/carriemakre.wordpress.com So much is going on! More podcasts! www.betweenpodcast.com 4th cd - final mixes getting done!!! Shows!!! - stay tuned!!!! Coaching! www.carrieakrecreative.com Workshop: Empowerment through Songwriting - Apr 20 PDX - https://www.eventbrite.com/myevent?eid=56134152762 I feel good. I feel aligned with who I am. I am.....what? Happy. Love you all Go check out my stuff!! Love you. Carrie #lifecoaching #music #writing #w

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