My name is Carrie Akre and I am an Intuitive Life Coach focusing on supporting people in making big change in their lives.

Everyone goes through moments when it's important to find your truth, face fears and  DECIDE to make a plan to do/be who you want. Change is absolutely possible. BELIEVE.  You don't have to figure it all out alone. All it takes to start, GO! You can do this by taking these three steps: DECIDE...BELIEVE...GO! 

If you are feeling like it's time for change and you are not sure how to get to your goal, I am hear to help you get clarity, find those answers and start mapping our your path forward. I am a killer Journey Buddy! I would be honored to walk this road with you.

Decide: decide you are ready...just that gets you started...DECIDE

Believe: believe change and doing what you really want is possible...BELIEVE

Go: Take your first steps by putting your foot on the path to change....Go

Come join me in my Decide, Believe, Go program to change your life and head in the direction that is authentic to you!