• Carrie Akre

New Retreats

I'm very excited about the new retreats I'm leading. I have two I'm leading. One in September and one in October. Thank you to all who have signed up and I look forward to your input/feedback. I've set these up to truly practice with a live audience! Ha!

The focus of both of these retreats is being present.

I think we all know how hard that becomes as we keep moving forward in life. So many responsibilities, dreams, wishes, regrets, history...ugh I'm tired.

Due to some major events in my life, I've realized that getting present is the only thing that matters. What am I doing if I'm not really here to create it and enjoy it? Joy is our birth right but you don't get there by being super busy and overloaded.

We forget. We forget what we did naturally as a child. When we got up, it was just the day ahead of us. Not the rest of our lives and all we had to take care of. I realize as an adult I'm never going to function like an 8 year old (although I will try) but I can start a practice to let go of what doesn't serve me, of what isn't a priority, of things not really worth anything and noticing what can wait.

In this retreat we will commit to being just in this day and use several methods to reiterate and get into a hopefully present state. I'm using things like meditation, yoga, writing, group sharing and solutionizing (which is now a word, ha! ). It requires nothing but showing up and deciding you're going try and let go.

Once I run these two sessions I will create and hone my ideas and methods and offer a ton more for folks!

I'm continuing my coaching and doing music (4th solo cd coming! ). If you need a session just sign up on the site and I'll help any way I can!!!

Big love to you,



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