• Carrie M Akre

Free Sessions! 2018

Hi Gang,

Now that both the September and October retreats are full (I'll be setting up one for November I hope!), I'd like to move to offering 4 individual 1 hour sessions! That is one per individual. I want folks to get a chance to see what my coaching is all about and get the support they want/need!

I think most people are nervous when they first think of signing up for a coaching session. Maybe you don't know what will happen (it's just like a conversation) . Maybe you are nervous to share things with someone you don't know at all (what is said in the session/stays in the session and I don't get shocked or judge). Maybe you're scared of me! Ha Ha!!! Evil scary laugh! Come on!! That can't be it!

I'm super nice and want to help in a big way! I come with over twenty-five years experience in the music/creative world and have seen the good, the badly and the terrible!! I don't judge. I look to help. I've seen a lot and feel a calling to work as a coach. It's personal to me and feel like it's part of what I'm meant to be doing here on the planet. I believe I'm a healer and part of it is done through music and other tools like coaching, yoga and Reiki (more on that healing work soon!).

So give it a chance! You'll be so happy you did and it will be fun! I have 4 slots. One per individual. If you book a session, label it FREE SESSION and I'll know.

I look forward to helping! Onward and upward!!




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