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September 16 Retreat Coming Up

I decided a while ago that coaching/creative workshops/healing work were things I wanted to be a part of and offer as a coach. This is the work I love to do. Lately, I find the best way for me to learn how I can do this best is in the doing! So I went ahead and set up two retreats in September and October. The thing I like about retreats is that it's communal and possibly a hidden getaway for those seeking a break. I hopefully will be able to provide a short respite from a busy week or life and redirect everyone to the idea of just being here now. Slowing down so that we can release the pile up and get quiet enough to hear answers or at least remember how to smell! That is when I know I've calmed all the way down. When I can smell again.

I can't tell you how many times the practice of centering down/trying to be present was the kind of practice that saved me during music tours, with my pre show nerves, with songwriting, post my mom passing, during grieving to get through and through mid-life (it's real!).

This September 16th I will join 10 wonderful folks at Sound Yoga in West Seattle and there I will share the methods I've used and continue to use for getting grounded. I will share my own experiences of being stuck, blocked, deep in anxiety and restless and what I learned that helped to move through these things. This will be a space of trust that I want to create. For those attending, the intent is to bring a burden or issue you have that you'd like to see get some support. My hope is that once grounded and at ease answers will reveal themselves by working a few things I have found profoundly useful in my own life.

They are:




Group support

We will meditate and talk about how annoying it can be, do some gentle yoga (truly gentle I swear) and then do some writing exercises that don't require ANY skills! At the end we will split up into groups and present , if they want, any one thing that's been an issue/burden with the goal that the group (of 3) will help offer up ideas/solutions.

It would make me so happy to see that this is helpful and something everyone can take forward into their own lives. They call it a practice and it's true. It's in the doing.

If you are interested in future retreats or a coaching session just send me your email at carrie.akre@outlook.com

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