• Carrie Akre

I am in the waiting

I know something is coming. I can feel it. I'm excited. I can see this future life that I would like to be immersed in, as apposed to just daydreaming about, but I am in the waiting...

So while I'm here with no answers just yet, I am choosing to put my focus in appreciation.

Things I appreciate now:

1. I love fall - it's inspiring to me - season of change

2. I have a job that is not hectic.

3. Work is super flexible.

4. The people here are great.

5. I love to roam the city on my commute to and from Seattle.

6. Our family is good.

7. Bills are paid.

8. Trips are possible.

9. Music is here and happening.

10. I have great friends.

11. I am cooking great food.

12. I am ok being here now.

That's what I have. I do not have the answers coming to me just yet. I have ideas though, a list of things, including this blog that I am doing.

Ideas are: More podcasts to come because one way through this is talking for me. I want to my work life to include: travel, podcasting, blogs, coaching clients, retreats, teaching yoga to get people back into their bodies and the present moment. Where the answers are.

What is going on in your life? I'm interested in that. Do you feel like this?

If you would like some coaching and join me on this quest, I would love to support you! I bring new perspectives, goal setting that fits you and keeps you kind to your self, courage for the both of us, planning and rah rah all the way to success!

Contact me at carrie.akre@outlook.com OR book some time on my site (www.carrieakrecreative). 2019 here we come!!

Love ya!


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