• Carrie Akre

Gratitude List 2018

Morning positive note!

Things I love:

  1. My mini family - my husband and son.

  2. Buttered toast from fresh bread that isn't pre cut! Even better with honey!

  3. These foggy mornings we are having this fall.

  4. The smell of burning leaves.

  5. The sound of birds.

  6. A clear night where you can see all the stars.

  7. The quiet when it snows.

  8. Hearty stew.

  9. Prosciutto, olives and delicious cheeses.

  10. Rosemary and sea salt almonds from Metro Market.

  11. Reading.

  12. Great socks. I love Bombas right now.

  13. Playing Catan with friends.

  14. When I can fall asleep easily and sleep hard.

  15. When you first wake up and the bed and sheets feel amazing.

  16. Tennis - I want to play more.

  17. Travel.

  18. Recording new music.

  19. Podcasting.

  20. Coaching - for reals I love this new path that feels purposeful. May it grow.

All is well and I choose the trust walk. I believe in all the great things I dream about. My job is to dream bigger on a regular basis. And keep creating.

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