• Carrie M Akre

Getting to Play w/Amazing Musicians

I have spent a lot of time wrestling with anxiety when it comes to playing more live shows. The farther apart the shows, the more disconnected I get from music. I get caught up in a job, family, reading, watching movies etc... but once I push myself, beyond fear and am in the room with musicians, practicing, it all comes back to me. The LOVE of getting to play my songs with amazing musicians in this area. And there are so many.

I have been so lucky to have recorded each of my solo records with a whole new band each time. I chose to do that on purpose. I like collaborating with new people and seeing what magic happens. And magic does happen! I don't even think I have appreciated just how lucky I have been. Here are a few folks who've lent their talent to my records. Reggie Watts, Eyvind Kang, Dave Krusen, Mark Pickerel, Johnny Sangster, Harris Thurmond, Garth Reeves, Jeff Wood, Om Johari, Sean Bates, Amy Stolzenbach, Scott Richardson, Jared Clifton, Danny Newcomb, my brother (Eric Akre), Steve Fisk and I'm sure I'm missing some folks but these people are no joke when it comes to chops!!

Producers: Tucker Martine, Pat Gray/Dave "Duhb" Black and Steve Fisk - Amen!

I remain the luckiest girl.

Today Rafe Wadleigh, Jim Costello, Rebecca Young and Mike Musberger are with me, practicing up as my backing band for my show on Feb 1 at The Crocodile Café. All of these folks are so talented and have lent their abilities to so many projects, bands and now they are with me blending together in a snap. To help me share my music. I need them. They are so kind and respectful to me. I am not alone. I don't have to do this by myself. Everyone here understands.

As we play the songs a feeling of contentment washes over me. I like my work. I feel like I have done a good job. It does not matter if somebody doesn't like it. I like it. An artist can only be themselves and make what is in them. I am me when I write. These are my stories. If I were young, alone in my room and no one was ever going to see/hear the things I make, I would still be satisfied/proud. That is what I felt today. Proud of myself. I always remind myself that never did I think I would write things that would help someone, bring them memories they hold dear or save someone. No one can take that from me.

My goal is to play more shows and step all the way in! I'm going to tell stories, say thank you, love singing, share stages and tell the people I get to collaborate with that I am so grateful for them. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Over and out for this Sunday! Wishing you all a great week - maybe SNOWMAGEDDON in the NW??? ohhh I hope so!

Up coming show: Feb 1 The Crocodile Café - Tickets HERE

Special Show to be announced this Tuesday at 10am - see Facebook! - hint hint..."I don't mind waiting to be Superwise"!

Love you,



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