• Carrie M Akre

Working Hard...Again

I got to hang out today with the amazing duo that is Mirrorgloss (Del Brown and Najah Monique Todd). They are a musical force and killer to talk with. I love them. They have been some of my first friends in Tacoma. We don't hang out all the time but when we do it's at least a few hours packed with good stuff. Sharing, reminding, touching base about the musical things we dream about and are hell bent to get. They are on fire and working hard. I needed to be next to them. I needed to be reminded of what getting it done looks like. They are it.

In the last year I've made an internal commitment to myself to dig in. To take the time to get some things done or at least try. It's a patience game. I may not get all I want but I will have tried. Not everyone is going to like what I do or be interested. But some people and places will. Some don't respond until others want you. It's a game. And that's ok. Let's play.

My big dreams are to get signed to a small label in Europe and tour over there 1-2 times a year. I want to play in Iceland. I want to collaborate with all kinds of folks. I want to be a vocal producer to help the singers in bands and solo artists. I want to play a show of my solo music with an orchestra behind me. I want to play local festivals and shows. I'm going to try for all of it. I don't care about hearing voices saying why it's not possible. I'm sure the universe will let me know, so thank you for that.

What we figured out today is that we live in a time where a lot of what we want is at our finger tips. I can do a lot of this for myself and may I have the wonderful problem some day of needing help! :) For now, let's get to the trying.

PS: Up Coming Shows!!

2.1 The Crocodile Café, Seattle - with Warren Dunes, Mirrorgloss and Ty Willman - TICKETS HERE

2.29 Alma Mater with Danny Newcomb - TICKETS SOON

6.6 Alma Mater - GOODNESS!!!! with Warren Dunes and Mirrorgloss - TICKETS HERE


Happy Sunday everyone!

Love ya,



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