Don't take my word for it... 

May 2nd, 2017

"Carrie will meet you at the river's edge. An old friend. Casual, warm, and smiling. She'll sit with you for hours dangling toes in the water, charting the visible currents and exploring our shared fears of the unseen. The blind corner. The sudden movement off screen. The overexposed image. The hasty retreat. Transition and transmission. She will unpack a picnic basket of empathy, genuine honesty and a brand of empowerment uniquely her own. Rejuvenate. You are exactly where you need to be.

While we all must eventually wade into the water, we don't have to do it alone. Carrie will challenge you with the gentle and assured guidance of an experienced swimmer. She is able to be with you fully, empathically, while also exploring the depths of her own creative transitioning. You will find sure footing among the loose rocks and quickly learn to interpret the currents that surround you. The water is not as cold as it looks and we are more conditioned than we may realize for the challenges ahead." 

March 30th, 2017

"Tonight I had an amazing session with Carrie! She had so many ideas that I'm excited to start working on tomorrow - can't wait for our next appointment!"

Oct 21, 2018

Over the past few months I’ve had the opportunity to meet with Carrie and discuss a variety of topics. Some were about finding time for creativity and others were personal internal struggles. She offers suggestions and input without removing responsibility or ownership on my part. Carrie delivers insight that I hadn’t considered before and her intuition has/is helping me regain traction as I progress through this next chapter in my life.

November 21, 2018

Carrie is an empathetic listener and inspiring coach. We started our session with a check in on what topics we should spend time discussing. Parenting, health, career, etc. We quickly decided on career, based on some decisions I needed to make in the near future. In our session, she honed in on the excitement in my voice when discussing my past experiences working in food and hospitality, which is a sector I'd forgotten about in my recent career search. She invigorated me to start thinking about ways to bring my passion for food either into my career, or to be sure to nurture it as a hobby, as it was clear to her that my happiness was tied pretty closely to it. In addition to being a joy to talk to, Carrie's keen ear for finding the joy in others' is her expert skill.

December 13, 2018

I was blessed earlier this year with an hour of Carrie's time. I've been a little busy with her homework and the life changes that sprouted since and wanted to intentionally PAUSE before I left a review of the experience. I knew it would be easy to get caught up in the excitement of the moment, of the new self discoveries and tasks I was anticipating incorporating into my busy life and give a rave review. Carrie Akre's insight and coaching deserves more than just a 5 star online review.

In recent years I've been caught up being an overachiever, being busy. I was the poster child for "wearing my exhaustion as a status symbol and productivity as a metric for self-worth" as Brene Brown says. The fact that I am a Brene Brown fan and consider myself semi-self aware, and was not seeking coaching for anything music related, had me questioning if her insight would apply to me before the phone call. There is something to be said for an outsiders objective view of your situation, and Carrie was incredibly insightful. I was in the middle of a job search and thinking about changing direction. She steered me towards the concepts of thinking about whether a decision makes me FEEL STUCK OR UNSTUCK and also that it was ok to give myself PERMISSION TO PAUSE and regroup. I really needed to be told I could give myself the permission to do so. All of this was done without leaving me feeling judged or any less of an expert on myself. I had never participated in any kind of life coaching and I think in retrospect I expected to feel a bit of both.

Carrie is remarkably well read on books pertaining to authenticity and life and gave me a few new reading recommendations at the end of our time. They applied so well to where I was at, and I'm pretty sure I never would have found them on my own...not right when I needed them most for sure.

I'm ready to do some more follow up work with Carrie, I am interested to see what another session post movement in a new direction will do. Thank you, Carrie! Namaste.